BDR for DBAs


BDR stands for Bi-Directional Replication, but don’t get confused, it’s not magic.
I’m going to go through the way bdr replicates, what you can do and what you can’t (and why they are forbidden).
We’ll see how special objects like sequences are treated and how following a few rules can give you a stable geographical replication system.
And in the end, we’ll show how to start up a bdr cluster, and run some DDL and DML statements.


Martín Marqués (2ndQuadrant)

I started in the late 90s as a System Administrator, always excited with OSS. Since 2000 I’ve been working as a DBA, mostly with PostgreSQL. I’ve worked on web development for the Universidad Nacional del Litoral with PostgreSQL as the data backend.

I have also given PostgreSQL training courses for several governmental agencies in Argentina and I’m actively involved in the PostgreSQL community in Argentina.


mail: [email protected]

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